Photographs Tom Meek

 Tom Meek was a pilot  friend of Vivian at 1 Squadron in 1941. He had a fine collection of photographs of his tour in North Africa 1941-1942. Tom sent this photograph collection to Mark Penberthy by post just before Tom passed away in ???. It is evident in the detail and wit of the annotations that Tom valued his experience in uniform back in those days, especially the time with his pilot friends.  Mark subsequently did the effort in scanning these pictures to be made available for the internet. 

This page is dedicated to the friend and 1 squadron fellow pilot of Vivian;   Tom Meek.

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 Meek, Capt Thomas Albert “Tom” / “Blind Chum”. 

Score 1 confirmed and 1 damaged.

From Sea Point, Cape Town. Initially with 5 Sqdn briefly 29.8.41-25.9.41 he joined 1 Sqdn “up North” on 27.9.41. He served during Crusader, 1st Alamein and Alam Halfa until his tour ended on 9.9.42 – surviving despite his poor eye sight! On 3.8.42 he had been involved in a mid-air collision with “Bomb” Finney (who baled out) and managed to crash land. He was seconded to the RAF and joined 234 Sqdn RAF in the UK on 16.7.44. He then converted to flying the Typhoon and transferred to 183 Sqdn RAF in 2nd Tactical Air Force, flying ground attack missions in Germany. His war ended in March or April 1945, on medical grounds. After the war he managed a fish factory until retirement to Klein Brakrivier.

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